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UBS COVID-19 Update


UBS COVID-19 Update

At UBS we are doing all we possibly can, to help flatten the curve of daily infections of COVID-19.

Jordan McDonnell from VA Sciences delivered a highly informative training session around Infection Control Principles, including current infection rates, how to minimise the rate of infection, as well as the correct usage, safe removal and disposal of PPE to UBS customer facing employees, Team Leaders and Senior Management in relation to COVID-19.

We have put in place very specific and stringent sanitisation and safety protocols in relation to all unavoidable, personal contact with our customers and clients’ customers, including the effective use of PPE for all customer facing activities.

Our entire trade and sub-contractor network have also been advised of our strict processes and requirements, in relation to UBS’s response to this unprecedented scenario.

All non-essential face to face meetings have either been postponed or are to be conducted via video link, where necessary.

Effective this week, with the help from Damien and his team at DSP Electronics, we have also arranged for more than 50% of our office based staff to now work remotely, all who will have normal accessibility to our operating and communication systems, to ensure seamless continuity of customer service.

UBS are determined to do all we possibly can to help contain the spread of COVID-19 within our network and community, we will continue to monitor the evolving situation and implement change as it is needed.

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