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Can I review the progress of my claim on the internet?

Yes, you can access the details of your claim via the Owner Access on our website.  This will give you the details of your claim, who is coordinating the repairs and contact details for UBS.

Claim Assessment Reporting Process – Insurance Companies

Our Building Consultant will complete and forward a Report and Scope of Works to your Insurance Company based on their findings while visiting your property. The Report will outline the circumstances that have led to the damage that is now present, in order for the Insurance Company to make an informed decision on liability of the claim. The Scope of Works will detail the repairs to be carried out if your claim is approved by your Insurance Company.

In some circumstances your claim may not be covered under your Insurance Policy. In this case your Insurance Company will notify you directly to discuss the reason for this.

Why did you ask for my email address?

To ensure we service your assessing and/or repair needs as efficiently as possible, it is proven that email correspondence can speed up the process.

Approved Claims – What You Have To Do Before We Can Start

Upon receiving approval from your Insurance Company, there is some important paperwork that must be completed by you before we can commence any repairs. These may include:

Policy Excess

Under the terms of your insurance policy you may be required to pay a Policy Excess. If this applies to your policy, our Building Consultant may have given you an Excess Invoice for payment and/or collected your payment on site via direct payment to the National Australia Bank on their tablet. Any excess must be paid before any repairs can commence. We accept cheque, visa or mastercard. Direct debit facilities available on request. You can now easily pay your excess by accessing the Owner Access section in this website.

If you were not in attendance at the time of our visit to the property, we will send the excess invoice to you for payment.

Scope of Works

A Scope of Works outlining the repairs that are to be carried out at your property is completed by our Building Consultant. Some Insurance Companies require a signed copy of this Scope of Works before we can proceed. Your Building Consultant will advise you if this is necessary for your claim.

If your signature is required, the Building Consultant will usually ask you to sign this while he is on site. However, there are some circumstances where this is not possible and we will forward this to you.

Please note: There may be times where we cannot proceed with the repairs until the Scope of Works document has been signed and returned to us, and this will be explained to you.

Contribution to Repairs

On some occasions there may be some repairs that need to be carried out by you before we can commence. These repairs may not be covered by your Insurance Company and may affect any repairs that we do if not completed prior.

An example of this could be the repair of a leaking pipe. We may not be able to carry out any repairs to the surrounding area, until this leak has been fixed.

If this applies to your claim, it will be clearly marked on your Scope of Works and/or advised to you.

Building Contract

If the value of the repairs to your property exceeds $10,000.00 (inclusive of GST) in Victoria or $3,300.00 (inclusive of GST) in Queensland, it is a legal requirement that you sign a Domestic Building Contract. This is in addition to the Scope of Works.

If this is applicable to your claim, the contract will be drawn up by our Administration staff and forwarded to you. Please take care to sign all highlighted areas before returning it to us.

We will not be able to proceed with the repairs until this has been signed and returned to us.

Warranty Insurance and/or Building Permits

IN VICTORIA – If the value of the repairs to your property exceeds $16,000.00 (inclusive of GST) and after receiving the signed Domestic Building Contract from you, we will need to apply for the following:

For non structural work – Builders Warranty Insurance through the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA)

For structural work – Builders Warranty Insurance (VMIA) and a Building Permit through a nominated and registered Building Surveyor of your choice

IN QUEENSLAND – Warranty Insurance is required for any structural work over $3,300.00 (inclusive of GST). We purchase the warranty insurance through the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC)

Non structural work in Queensland does not require warranty insurance

Why are you only doing a Make Safe, and not permanent repairs?

When we receive your claim, we will carry out emergency works to ensure your property is secure and to prevent further damage. However, we are unable to carry out permanent repairs until such time as your claim has been assessed and approved.

Why is it necessary for a building consultant to attend my property?

It is a requirement of your Insurance Company that we attend and assess the damage, providing a copy of the Assessment Report to your Insurer to enable them to make a decision as to whether your claim is covered.

Why do I have to be at the property when the building consultant attends?

You are responsible for explaining how the damage occurred, and for showing the Building Consultant all areas damaged by the incident.

What happens when the building consultant attends my property?

They are attending on behalf of your insurance company and will inspect the claimed damage. They will take photographs, measurements, and discuss the incident with you. They are then responsible for providing a detailed report and scope of works. If the claim proceeds, your Insurer will authorise for Unique Building Services to carry out the repairs based on the report and scope of works.

Will my claim be accepted once a building consultant attends my property?

This is based on the cause of damage found by the Building Consultant as to whether it is covered by your Policy. In some circumstances this can be approved immediately, in other cases we will need to await for authority from your Insurer.

Do I have to pay my excess, and if so why?

If instructed by your Insurer we are required to collect the insurance policy excess on their behalf and forward this onto them. It is a requirement of the policy that an excess be paid before repairs can commence.

Why do I have to pay my excess directly to Unique Building Services?

If you make any type of Insurance claim you are required to pay any basic excess that applies (if your claim is subsequently covered under the Policy by your Insurance Company). The amount of excess payable is listed on your current Insurance documentation. You may have to pay more than one type of excess depending on your circumstances. Your Insurance company requires UBS to collect the excess prior to providing any permanent repairs to your property.

Is our Insurer going to advise us of how the claim will proceed?

When authorisation to proceed is received by Unique Building Services we will contact you directly and advise you that we have received authority to proceed with the repairs, alternatively your Insurance Company will contact you.

What happens once we return all of our paperwork and / or pay our excess?

A member of our Project Management team will contact you within 24 hours, and advise you of the repair process, the trades attending and the expected time line for the repairs.

Can we leave a key for the trades to access the property?

We can provide a security key safe at the property for trade access.

Are the trades that Unique Building Services use reputable and licenced?

We only use licenced trades and all trades that we use are required to update us annually with their license details and applicable insurances.

Is Unique Building Services able to undertake private (non insurance) works?

Yes, Unique Building Services would be more than happy to provide you with a quote to carry out private or non-insurance works.

Can Unique Building Services undertake my maintenance repairs?

Yes, Unique Building Services would be more than happy to advise you of the cost for your maintenance repairs, and we can arrange this in conjunction with your Insurance repairs. All maintenance repairs are not covered by your Insurer and must be paid by the Home Owner.

Can I use my own trades to undertake the Insurance Works?

Yes, however prior to any works commencing, your trade would need to provide to UBS a quote for the insurance works, this is to be fair and reasonable and comparable to our estimated cost for the repairs. The trade is to be licensed and hold the relevant insurance policies.

Can the repairs be done at the weekends, as we work during the week?

Reasonable access to the property must be provided for the trades during the week during working hours.

What if the product is no longer available and the new products are different, will we get the undamaged sections replaced?

Wherever possible we try to match materials. If this cannot be achieved we will discuss this with the property owner at the time as to what the options are. The insurance company usually only covers what has been damaged and does not allow for matching materials in most circumstances. We will also liaise with the insurance company to hopefully achieve an acceptable solution for all parties.

I wish to have private work done. Can I get one of your trades to do this whilst they are onsite?

When a trade is a sub-contractor – Yes you may ask the trade if they are willing to undertake work independently to Unique Building Services, and they can carry out private repairs at another time.

Why do I have to leave my property whilst the polishing of my floors is being undertaken?

Due to fumes created by the polyurethanes used, it is best you are not at the property. We also need to minimise debris settling on the floor which is caused from draughts being created.

Who do I contact to organise renovation or repairs at my home?

Call your nearest UBS office and we will arrange for one of our Building Consultants to attend at your property. They will discuss with you your needs and we will provide a quote and comprehensive scope for the works.

 Will I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, we will send to you with the quote a Payment Agreement Schedule that will itemise the deposit required and also any other progress payments during the works.

 How can I pay for the works?

We will accept a direct deposit payment into our account, cheque or credit card payment. However, all credit card payments will incur a surcharge of 1.5%.

 Do you have the required certification to work on government properties?

We hold a Certificate of Pre-Qualification Level 2 Nationally and are registered to carry out building work, renovation, maintenance and repairs at Educational Facilities, Child Care Centres, Schools and Colleges.

 Do your trades have the required Child Safety (Blue) Card?

A large percentage of our trades who hold the required safety card and are permitted to work in and around children. Only trades hold the required card would be appointed to this work.

 Can you carry out the repairs outside of school hours?

We understand the necessity to be able to provide renovation and repair work at educational facilities during school holidays or on weekends while students are not in attendance. The time table for the repairs would be discussed on a case by case basis and in accordance with the requirements of the facility.